Eau de Parfum 50ML


Unisex & vegan; natural spray - Made in France

Mojo: distinguished & mysterious x you

Notes: anchored in timeless notes (lavender, a cognac composition and cedarwood), yet dressed in sparkling violet, plum and musk.

  • Top: lavender, violet, plum
  • Heart: cognac composition, clary sage, freesia
  • Base: cedarwood, musk, moss

Perfumer: Frank Voelkl translated this haunting and romantic song with Jeff Buckley's interpretation in mind.

“Fragrance and music have a lot in common. We talk about fragrance notes and fragrance accords. You can talk about a theme or a melody within a fragrance.” Frank Voelkl

Musical credits: “Lilac Wine” (James Shelton) © 1949 (renewed) Chappell & co inc.

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