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Eau de Parfum 50ML


Unisex & vegan; natural spray - Made in France

Style: soft, innocent & addictive

Notes: reeling back in years, the Proustian moment triggered by a Moroccan orange blossom in an infusion of milk, followed by a seductive vanilla. 

  • Top notes: bergamot, freesia
  • Heart: Moroccan orange blossom
  • Base: milky composition, vanilla

Perfumer: Fabrice Pellegrin approached the song through the angle of a soft transition into a new era.

“One of my main sources of inspiration for creating fragrances is music: from its soft melodies that evoke an oriental perfume, to electronic music that I associate with aromatic, vibrant notes.” Fabrice Pellegrin

Musical credits: “Like A Virgin” (Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg) c Sony/ATV tunes LLC.

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